I have in stock Hobbs Batting. The Batting should be at least 6 inches larger than the quilt top in both length and width.

To estimate the cost of the batting measure the top length and add 6 inches. Then, multiply that number by the cost of the batting. 

Batting also can be provided by the customer.

             -Heirloom Premium 80/20 Cotton Blend: $0.25 linear inch ($9 per yard)

             -Heirloom Premium Cotton:                         $0.30 linear inch ($11 per yard)

             -Polydown Plus:                                              $0.20 linear inch ($7.20 per yard)

             -Heirloom Washable wool:                           $0.45 linear inch ($16.20 per yard)

Quilters Dream batting upon request. 

Please note that the type and quality of the batting will affect the overall texture and feeling of the quilt. PLEASE READ the “Guide to Batting” page.

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