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​​​Longarm quilting is charged by the square inch.  ( Length x  Width= Square inches)

To find out the quilting charge multiply the square inches by the cost of your quilting selection.

*Quilting charge do not include Tax, thread charge, batting, shipping charges or any other extra services.

**All custom quilting have a minimum charge of $ 70

Threads: There is not thread charge for one color thread. 

                 All quilts with multiple thread color will have a basic thread charge of $5 dollars.


                                                QUILTING STYLES

Edge-to-Edge Basic                  $0.015/sq in

Edge-to-Edge/ Pantograph    $0.02 /sq in

Custom– Basic                          $0.03/sq in

Custom– Medium                     $0.05/sq in

Custom–Detailed/heirloom   $0.06 / sq in and up

Labels: $ 5 if provided by the customer. Embroidered label  $15 to $20 

Binding: I will sew it to the FRONT ONLY $0.10 cents per linear square.

Backing: Supplied by customer.

Edge-to-Edge Basic $0.015/sq in

-Meander or stipple design all over the quilt.

-Basting for hand quilting.

-No dense quilting

Edge-to-Edge/ Pantograph   $0.02 /sq in

-Computer or hand-driven all over designs

-One design covering the entire quilt top.

-Dense designs $ 0.025/sq in

Custom– Basic $0.03/sq in

-Quilts with one border.

-One quilting design for the border and another one for the center of the quilt.

-Blocks and border with simple work design.

- Stitch- in- the Ditch (SID) only on the border.

-No ruler work.

Custom– Medium $0.05/sq in

-One quilting design for the border and up to 2 different designs used for the blocks.

-Quilts with one border.

-Small amount of SID.

-Minimum ruler work

-No background fillers.


$0.06 / sq in and up

Detailed quilting includes:

-Modest amount of SID

-Most of the appliqued quilts, quilts with sashings and quilts with multiple borders fall into this category.

-Includes simple ruler work, free hand loose background fillers, and individual designs in the blocks, borders and sashings.

*Background filler in this photo is heirloom quilting.

Heirloom quilting uses multiple quilting techniques to produce "one of kind quilt". It includes any of the following :

-Extensive SID, detailed and complex patterns.

-Dense stitching and background fills on negative spaces.

-Dense rule work

- 2 or more layers of batting to produce a 3D effect

-Multiple threads changes.

Heirloom quilting it is very time consuming. Charges can be 0.10 sq/in and up depending on the amount of time working on the piece, the detail and complexity of the design work . 

Custom Detailed and Heirloom examples​

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