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​My quilt portraits are hand painted fabrics embellished with thread painting and quilting. Each quilt is  ​unique and special,  they require the use of different techniques to obtain a beautiful realistic effect. All the quilts are made with high quality threads and fabrics. Each finished quilt will be ready to display on the wall with a hanging sleeve.

The image on the  quilt is based on your personal photos. I can not use copyrighted photographs without the proper authorization from the copyright holder . Some quilts are made from a single photo others are a composition from two or more photos. I need clear  close-up photographs to produce a good detailed portrait.

I know that your photos are precious memories, I prefer that you send me a copy of your photos in digital media or by email as an attachment. If this is not possible you can provide the original photos, I will scan the photograph and work with the digital copy. Your original photograph will be put in envelope and returned to you with your quilt portrait. ​



Pricing start at   $1 per square inch for a single composition ( one image).  The price for compositions with multiple images of animals or people is determined by the complexity of the artwork.

Minimum size 18 x 18 

To find out the price of the quilt, you need to determine the dimensions of the artwork. Multiply the length by the width to obtain the square inches, then multiply the number by $1 

For example: You want an Art quilt 23 " X 25" 

Single image: 23 L x 25 W= 575 sq. inches 575 x $1 = $ 575 US dollars

  • If applicable  tax and shipping cost are added.

The Commission process:

Please contact  by EMAIL: [email protected]

Under subject please write: “Art quilt Portrait” inquiry – (your name)

Please let me know the Quilt dimensions and your contact information. If possible send photos as an attachment.  I will  answer any  questions that you may have and further explain the commission process. In addition, I will provide  instructions on how to place the order. 

  • At this time Payments can be done in cash, money order, personal check or PayPal ( PayPal fees will be charged).
  • Please note: No quilt will be shipped without the final payment.

                                                                     SOME OF MY WORK:

"MAX" - Quilt Portrait

A single composition quilt portrait.

23"  by 24"

A single composition art portrait .  23 by 24 inches,  hand painted fabric


"Unconditional Love"

A complex composition

31" by 40"


30" BY 30"


30" BY 25"


Quilt  portrait with adapted background and no border. The customer loved!  


20" BY 25"